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How much greenhouse space do you have?

We are currently operating 6,000 square feet of greenhouse space, but have more availability as needed.

When can you start a new project?

Anytime! Contact us to discuss the specifics of your project.

What crops have we successfully grown in the greenhouse thus far?

Corn, soybeans, wheat, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, squash, cucumbers, watermelons, green beans, eggplant, onions, dill, hemp, and sweet potatoes (extensive cotton experience). We should be able to handle any crop with a long day rotation in the summer months and a short day rotation in the fall/winter. 

Do you have lab equipment on-site?

Yes, we have a variety of items and can discuss specific needs or requirements with individual clients. 

What is the cost of the space?

Cost is dependent on the need of each client and will be negotiated prior to the start of any work.

Do you have scientists and technicians available to monitor and take data?

Yes, the owner is on-site daily, there is opportunities for a college-level student worker, and an experienced scientist available as needed. The scientist is trained in multiple GLP lab techniques including nematode and insect assays. The college-level students are sourced from a program currently happening at Durham Tech in conjunction with NC State University, ask us how we can help facilitate you becoming part of this innovative training program!

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