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About SCS

When we started SCS it did not have a name or even an office building. We had a shipping container for storage and all our fabric equipment set-up in the living room. Slowly piece by piece our organization grew, here are the people behind it. 
Sharon and Cecil Butler

Represented by the first S and C these two are the backbone of SCS. They taught each of their children and grandchildren work ethic and gave them a life of agriculture. They never sugar coated what had to be done and they never stopped until they had completed the job. They bring over 50 years of farming experience to our team.

Sarah Grace Chapman

Represented by the second S, Sarah has taken a step back from SCS to pursue agriculture as part of the team at Carolina Farm Credit. She consults for SCS on a limited basis and is always around to help fix irrigation lines or connect networking dots for clients. She has grown up submerged in the world of agriculture since birth. Her tenacity keeps her going no matter the situation and her creativity is what keeps our products evolving to meet your needs. 

Kelly Butler Chapman

Represented by the specialty agriculture, Kelly is the research and education specialist. She breathes life into research studies that need a special touch from a plant geneticist and field study director, but leaves time to speak to education groups.

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